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Rowing the Northwest Passage

Fraser Squadron is pleased to be hosting a presentation at the Richmond Yacht Club by Denis Barnett titled:


Rowing the Northwest Passage
bearing witness to climate change


Date:  Friday, March 9, 7.30PM
Venue:  Richmond Yacht Club
7471 River Road
Richmond BC

There will be a $5.00 charge per person at the door. Refreshments will be served.

rowing northwest passage

Expedition member Paul Gleeson stands aboard the Arctic Joule as the high-tech rowboat is
guided into some tenuous shelter among chunks of ice on the shoreline of Sellwood Bay, N.W.T.

 “If one could make it across the Northwest [Passage] in a single season, in a rowboat, it would scream to the profound effects climate change is having on the Arctic,” writes Kevin Vallely in the opening pages of his new book, Rowing the Northwest Passage: Adventure, Fear and Awe in a Rising Sea. The book, available today from Greystone Books, is an account of his attempt to row from Inuvik, N.W.T., to Pond Inlet, Nunavut, to draw attention to our warming planet.

Vallely and the three men — Paul Gleeson, Frank Wolf and Denis Barnett — who accompanied him on the 54-day, nearly 1,900-kilometre journey in the Arctic Joule may not have reached Pond Inlet, but between encounters with grizzly bears (yes, in the High Arctic), bowhead whales and muskox, they did see and hear how climate change is irrevocably altering the region and the way of life of the people who live there.

The passage below is excerpted from the book’s first chapter and sets the stage for a riveting, thought-provoking anthropocene-era adventure.


The tortured form of a decaying piece of ice glides past us and disappears again into the fog, a weary foot soldier returning home from some distant battle. The hair-raising action of the last couple days has frayed our nerves, and rowing our boat blindly around the Arctic headland of Cape Parry between large chunks of ice isn’t helping. The wind died at two-thirty this morning when a cold, stagnant Arctic air mass took its place and we jumped at our opportunity to move. This is the first calm weather we’ve experienced in days, and we treat it as a change in our fortunes. We couldn’t be more wrong.

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Notice of AGM

Take notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Fraser Squadron will be held at Ladner Yacht Club at 7 pm on Friday, April 21, 2017, for the purpose of:

  • receiving and approving the reports of the Officers of the Squadron
  • receiving and approving the financial statements of the Squadron for the period ending March 31, 2016
  • electing the Officers of the Squadron
  • considering such further and other business as may properly come before the meeting

Under Squadron Regulation 12.1, any further nominations must be made by way of petition in writing signed by not less than 5 members of this Squadron who shall confirm the consent of their nominee to stand for election. The petition must be filed with the Squadron Secretary not less than 2 days prior to the date of this meeting.

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2016 National AGM

The 2016 National AGM is over. The last month leading up to the AGM saw everybody scrambling to try and make this one of the best AGMs ever.

IMG 4534s     Pictured: John & Barb Dymond, Dave Mellis,
     Meredith Williamson, Kathleen & Paul Vanderwood,
     Donalda Buie, Bob Everson, Byron Buie

The 2016 AGM was hosted by PMD through the volunteer efforts of many of the lower mainland squadrons. None more so than Fraser Squadron. Volunteers for the 2016 National AGM included Dave Mellis, Meredith Williamson, Barb & John Dymond, Byron and Donalda Buie, Kathleen & Paul Vanderwood, and Bob Everson. Wait! Those were just the people in the photo below taken Friday night. Missing from the photo are Peter Lefroy, Cleve Pryde, Vidas Vitkus, Gouri Chinappa, Bill & Linda Hawryluk. I recall seeing Jack Tang and several other Fraser members whose names I don't know at the AGM luncheon. If you spent time volunteering I really hope I haven't forgotten you.


IMG 4548sPictured: Paul & Kathleen Vanderwood, Byron Buie

This AGM saw Fraser members being recognized for their contributions to CPS. Highlights included the Chief Commanders Letter of Commendation as Training Officers of the year given to Kathleen and Paul Vanderwood and a plaque awared to Byron Buies as CPS officer of the year. Way to go!


In more or less chronological order some photos from the AGM.

Click on image to start slide show

The official AGM photographer, Don Butt, has posted his photos on SmugMug. Dons photos can be viewed here.

A Moment in Time

Chapter II

(for chapter one click here)

Jimmy's great sailing adventure continues....

Jim and I just returned from a 3-week sail around a very small portion of the Sea of Cortez. Our travels were aided immensely by a book by Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer – locally referred to as "Shawn and Heather's book" but when you are buying it, ask for "SEA OF CORTEZ – A Cruiser's Guidebook". It lists anchorages in bays all the way from Cabo San Lucas up the Sea of Cortez to San Felipe at the top and then over to Puerto Periasco and down to San Carlos and Guaymas. Apart from showing all the soundings in the bays and preferred anchorages in the bay, it includes excellent descriptions of the area, hiking trails (Mexican-style), points of interest and interesting tidbit information of sea life and plant life.

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2013 Best of Web

Fraser Squadron is pleased to have again won the award for the best CPS website at the 2013 CPS·ECP National Conference in Toronto.

First Place Best of the Web 2013

2013 Steveston Lifeboat Day

IMG 0001 002-431-480-480-80Every year, as part of the Boating class, and with the support and assistance of the Steveston Lifeboat Society, Fraser Squadron arranges an "On the Water" cruise. The intent of this cruise is to give students experience in dealing with many of the topics that they studied in the Boating course.

Here's a few of the photos from the spring of 2012 Steveston Lifeboat Day.


By Jim Poirier


A voyage to the South Pacific

Corbin 39
Hull 105

Skippered by
Jim Poirier


A sailing adventure dedicated to those who went before us


In memory of
Dr. John Ferries


By Jim Poirier


Night before departure
Time 22:06 Sunday, Aug 11, 2013
At the dock at the Ladner Yacht Club Ladner BC Canada

I am sitting at my tiny writing desk in my cabin aboard "Noroue", a Corbin 39 cutter rigged heavy displacement off-shore sail boat. I will not bore you with specs and detail; you can Google that. I will say that she is a single purpose boat, designed and built for long distance offshore crusing, and I own hull number 105 of 199 hulls made by Marcus Corbin.

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